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Registered Herbalist Professional (RHP)

A Registered Herbalist Professional (RHP)  is a herbalist professional who educates and guides individuals or groups in natural health and herbal medicine. 

A Registered Herbalist Professional (RHP) has membership and registration with a national and international registry of natural health professionals governed by the IANHP

The Registered Herbalist Professional (RHP) can operate in all 50 states. 

The prestigious RHP designation is held to high standards and ethics. 

Approved applicants receive a certificate of registration via email and are listed in our Practitioner's Directory.

The RHP registration includes membership with the IANHP which entitles the practitioner the privilege of receiving professional assistance with business or practice matters.

The Requirements for Becoming a Registered Herbalist Professional (RHP)

The RHP designation and registration is offered to all herbal consultants and herbalists that have completed course work in the following subjects:

  • Anatomy and Physiology                          
  • Natural Health and Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Herbal Medicine / Remedies                                           
  • Herbal Assessment
  • Herbal Preparations
  • Professional Guidelines and Ethics

See our directory page for approved schools.
Note: The IANHP does not limit acceptable training to the schools listed in our directory.

Continuing Education

The RHP is required to submit yearly continuing education units of 2.5 actual hours.
This can be completed online or in-class.

Note: RHP cannot diagnose or treat unless they are licensed medical doctors.
The RHP designation is a registration of recognition with the IANHP

Click here for a download of the Registration Application.

RHP Initial Registration Fee: 150.00 USD

RHP Annual Renewal Fee: 95.00 USD