International Association of Natural Health Practitioners

An Association of Natural Health & Fitness Professionals


The International Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP) is a non-governmental voluntary not for profit organization that is made of members of various specialties and levels of training.The IANHP is committed to the advancement of natural health practices. Membership and registration provides an independent review and validation of a practitioner's education which promotes public confidence. Our mission is to help unify and promote natural health professionals through event meetings, high directory visibility, resource information, networking, and much more.

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Membership Application Fee or Annual Renewal Payment

95.00 USD

Pursuit of Excellence

The IANHP is an international association that strives to maintain excellence in the field of natural health. Application for membership and registration is according to high standards. The educational information given at our conferences and other events is up-to-date and highly professional.


Membership is open to all Natural Health Counselors    and Practitioners, Herbalists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths,  Holistic Health Practitioners, Wholistic Wellness Practitioners, Wholiopaths, Sport & Fitness Professionals, and other Wellness Professionals.

General Membership Benefits:

Certificate of Professional Membership
Professional Validation and Affiliation    
Directory Listing  
Professional Liability Insurance Referral
Resource Information

Annual Seminar (Ideal for continuing education)

Discount at the Annual IANHP Conference. 

* Annual Continuing Education (CEU) is not required for General Membership

Registrations available:

Become a Registered Natural Health Practitioner  RNHP

Registration for Traditional Naturopaths 

Registration for Naturopathic Practitioners

Registration for Naturopathic Counselors

Become a Registered Wholistic Medicine Practitioner

Become a Registered Sport & Fitness Wellness Professional (RSFWP).

Ask us about multiple registrations