International Association of Natural Health Practitioners

An Association of Natural Health Professionals


Francis Xavier Narcelles, MD
IANHP Director (USA)

Dr. Narcelles has been a family medical practitioner for years in the Philippines. 

He currently teaches the health sciences in U.S. Colleges and schools. 

His areas of interest in natural medicine are:

EMF pollution  and its effects on human health

The positive effects of Scalar Energy in human physiology

Clinical Nutrition
Educational accomplishment: 
Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Thomas M. GILLS, ND
IANHP Board Adviser (USA)

Dr. Thomas M. Gills has been in the natural health field for years. 

He is a Doctor of  Traditional Naturopathy.      
Some of his educational accomplishments have been:

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (ND) through New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies 

Nursing Diplomate through Regents College

Luigi Scognamiglio, MD (Medico)
IANHP Board Adviser / Consigliere (Italy)
Dr. Luigi specializes in Energy Medicine and Homeopathy. 
He has a practice in Naples, Italy.
He offers integrative courses for Naturopathic Practitioners.