International Association of Natural Health Practitioners

An Association of Natural Health Professionals


Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND

IANHP Founder and President

Lawrence DeSantis is the founder of New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies

He has been working in the health and nutrition field for over thirty years.

Educational Accomplishments

  •  Certified Nutritionist (CN) through NINES, National Institute of Nutritional Education
  • Chartered Herbalist (CH)  through the well known Dominion Herbal College of Canada
  • Completed Ministerial Training through Living Word Christian Center
  • Graduated from the Joseph School of Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine (ND) through The International Institute of Original            Medicine
  • Certified in Functional Medicine through Functional Medicine University (FMU)

Francis Xavier Narcelles, MD
IANHP Director (USA)

Dr. Narcelles has been a family medical practitioner for years in the Philippines. 

He currently teaches the health sciences in U.S. Colleges and schools. 

His areas of interest in natural medicine are:

EMF pollution  and its effects on human health

The positive effects of Scalar Energy in human physiology

Clinical Nutrition
Educational accomplishment: 
Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Dr. Roger B. Duda, DC
IANHP Board Adviser (USA)

Dr. Duda is a Doctor of Chiropractics       

Professional and educational accomplishments:

He is President and Founder of True Wellness, Inc. He a licensed Holistic Physician and one of only about 300 doctors nationwide who are trained in a unique, scientific and minimally invasive natural healthcare methodology. He graduated from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. Since then he has been honored with numerous awards for support and dedication to Neurology, Anatomy and Upper Cervical Chiropractic. He was chosen as one of the select few Crowder Interns at the prestigious Crowder Clinic in Davenport, Iowa where he received post-doctorate Upper Cervical Chiropractic qualifications. He completed his post-doctorate training with advanced certification and training in KCUCS and Blair Technique, Neurology, Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Luigi Scognamiglio, MD (Medico)
IANHP Board Adviser / Consigliere (Italy)
Dr. Luigi specializes in Energy Medicine and Homeopathy. 
He has a practice in Naples, Italy.
He offers integrative courses for Naturopathic Practitioners.